Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What events are undertaken?
  • We routinely undertake weddings, receptions, conferences and meetings. We also accommodate naming ceremonies, private banquets and trade shows subject to availability.
Can we celebrate small functions like naming ceremonies and private banquets?
  • Yes. Small functions with less guests and short duration are welcomed at any time of the year. Please discuss with the manager or the proprietor to know the availability of the hall.
Can we hire the hall for short durations only?
  • Yes. The charges for the Convention Hall will be reduced accordingly.
How are the Conventional Hall charges decided?
  • The management will discuss this with the event organisers and decide according to the duration of the event. Other factors like certain months of the year and resources used (like additional rooms, diesel generator use, etc.) could affect the charges. Please discuss this with the manager or the proprietor while booking for the event.
Can we have additional services like decoration, catering, photography, audio-visuals, buffets, security, etc.?
  • Yes. We can get any package if requested in advance. Last minute job requests will be undertaken subject to availability of our network sources. Check out with the manager and request in advance to avoid any disappointment.
How are the additional services charged?
  • All service charges are clearly informed well in advance. Please ask for written document of the prices to support our virtues.
  • Essentially, service requests that arrive at the last moment may expect higher prices to accommodate for availability and labour. We work hard to be prompt and transparent, and endeavour to take all additional stress off you.
  • At any point in time, there is no pressure on the hosts to use additional services. Please utilise the amenities to your satisfaction. You are advised to contact the proprietors on their mobile phone (0044-7587255665 or 0044-7904858595 UK - WhatsApp available) if you are concerned with the charges, services or the system.
Which is the best access to the DNDS Conventional Hall?
  • From Bengaluru: Take the service road to NH48 at Kyatsandra just before the bridge and drive under the bridge to cross it. The venue is about 100 yards from this point.
  • From Tumakuru: Drive by Bangalore-Honnavar (BH) road on to the service road to join NH48. Travel on the bridge towards Kyatsandra. Soon after the top of the bridge, when you see the DNDS Convention Hall, take first left turn. Drive carefully down the slope towards the Hall.
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